Stop That Acid Reflux in its Tracks

No one would ever choose to experience acid reflux. It may not be life threatening, but it can cause severe discomfort. When you have acid reflux attacks, you have to worry about everything you eat and still suffer painful episodes.

Happily, most of the time acid reflux issues can be handled and attacks avoided. Acid reflux symptoms usually occur when your esophagus and the acid in your stomach are adversely effected by something you’ve swallowed or something else you’ve done. So that you can learn to avoid attacks, let’s take a look at the usual acid reflux Causes.

A visit to your doctor should be the first thing you do. You want to rule out the possibility that you have a hiatal hernia. In cases of hiatal hernia, your digestion is disturbed by your upper stomach and LES being dislocated above the diaphragm. It is the diaphragm that is meant to prevent acid from moving above your stomach. In this condition, however, there is nothing to keep that from happening. This is a condition that can only be treated with surgery. If you don’t have the surgery, you will have to get used to this problem.

Try to eat on a regular basis. Every now and then we all find ourselves too busy. It is easy to forget to eat when this is the case. Sometimes it’s a conscious choice that we make to maintain our schedules rather than eating regularly. This too can cause heartburn. Skipping meals does not stop the acid in your stomach from continuing to build up. The stomach lining is then affected and the stomach reacts to that damage by sending the acid up through the throat and esophagus. This is easy to avoid.

If you are a smoker, this may be what’s causing your acid reflux. This is due to several factors. Smoking is harmful to your mucous membranes. You have reflexes in your throat muscles which are damaged by smoking. Your stomach also produces additional acid when you smoke. It even Causes you to salivate less than normally. Your saliva can cut down on the effects of the acid when it reaches your mouth and the back of your throat. The good news is that this particular cause of acid reflux is totally preventable. If you stop smoking, your problem will be solved. This is not always such an easy task, of course. Just remember that you have even more important reasons to stop smoking than your acid reflux problem. If you quit smoking, you can have a whole list of health benefits that you gain! Acid reflux Causative factors, for the most part, can easily be avoided.

Your lifestyle choices are usually the main Factors of acid reflux but there are some purely medical reasons for it as well. Making some lifestyle changes will help you in avoiding acid reflux attacks. Your doctor is a good source of help in this process. You can also ask them for additional steps you can take to prevent any more acid reflux attacks.

Even those prone to acid reflux can lead a perfectly normal life.

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